Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yeah, I'm alive

I just haven't really been doing much worth sharing lately. I could take a picture of my television if you really want a pictorial representation of how I've spent my days for the past few weeks.

First, a clarification. The Batman Strawberry may have confused some. Check out the logo on the Batman Collector cup. That's what I meant:

A few weeks back I went to a screenwriting seminar and found myself in Dundas Square during Earth Hour. Got my picture taken with the World Wildlife Fund mascot. That was kinda fun, in a Who Care Cuz It's Not Like Anyone Knows Me Here kinda way:

So, what's next? Oh yes. I had an interview a few weeks ago for Toronto Wildlife Centre, which would have been a really efficient job to have insofar as I always intended to volunteer with TWC once I got a job ... so if my job was with TWC, that would be frosting two cakes with one can of icing (I'm trying out different phrases to replace "killing two birds with one stone" ... which is particular inappropriate in this context)

If I got the job, I was supposed to hear by this past Friday. Nada. And my references weren't contacted to sing my praises. I'm a quick chick. I didn't get the job.

But on the way home from the interview, I saw some friends. This guy, who I don't know:
And then there was this goose -- who I watched quietly for about five minutes while he snuck up on this bus. Don't know why. But he slowly and stealthily advanced on it. Finally I got bored and moved on myself. (I've been scanning the news headlines, however, for a homicide on a bus that stumps the police, perhaps because all they found was tiny webbed footprints in blood leading away from the scene.)

These guys were clever! The dude in the foreground was the dude ... who placed himself where he was so that I wouldn't notice his gal on her nest in the upper left hand corner of the field. To complete the illusion, his gal lay down against the ground. Unfortunately, I was onto their tricks, and saw both anyway.

Which brings our little story to today. Some pretty folliage out by my place lately:

(See the guy under the tree? I took about five pictures of this tree, just to be sure I got a really nice angle. This guy moved with me so that he would always be in the shot. Idiot.)

Thus concludes a day in my life, avoiding the picture of the television.

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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you didn't get a call back re: the interview. dumb people! but i'm happy to see you blogging again. i've been checking, and got tired of seeing bat-berry. (i got it, by the way).