Monday, March 1, 2010

█ ♥ █ CANADA! █ ♥ █

The Olympic Sport for Day Seventeen/Final Day:

Men's Cross Country
-- psych! Men's Hockey, people! Pshhh!

The Olympic Athlete for Day Seventeen/Final Day:

Team Can-a-da

Their Moment:

Fourteenth gold medal for Canada ... most gold medals of any country in 2010 ... most gold medals of any host country in history ... most gold medals of any country period. These guys really have good timing.

Course, I had to switch the channel in overtime to watch the game in Mandarin -- being able to understand the commentary had been too stressful for me. (In case you're wondering, no, there didn't seem to be an equivalent for "He shoots - he scores!" in Mandarin. I switched back to the English channel within seconds of the goal light flaring) Sure, winning by scoring is a lot more exciting than winning by keeping the other guys from scoring -- still, I would have happily taken the "less" exciting 2-1 win in three periods.

Final Thoughts:

Of course Vancouver/Whistler rocked like no other host city: Demographically, its populace is likely younger, more socially driven and most likely drunker/higher than any other host country's populace.

Of course Canadians broke out into our national anthem at every opportunity: somebody had to show the globe how it's done when ungrateful singers who shall heretofore remain unnamed would rather feed their own ego than pay tribute to their country. We'll accept the honour when those who didn't deserve it in the first place thumb their nose at it. (no, I don't suspect this will be something I let go of for quite some time ...)

Thus concludes my Olympic Commentary. You may now return to enjoying your regularly scheduled life.

█ ♥ █ !

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