Friday, August 14, 2009

Six Days ...

Today was a rather casual Friday for me. I spent almost all yesterday online checking out websites of Toronto production companies to try to determine where to send one of the three scripts I have completed. It's not as easy as it sounds. I need to choose companies that have made movies similar to the ones I've written, so that I know they are in the market for my kind of stories and tone. Basically I took note of any company that says they will read anything. =)

Most of today was spent in frustration over the fact that my freezer will not keep my ice cream frozen. That has to be one of the most awful kitchen occurences. Well, it's a close second to the fact that, in an attempt to reduce the temperature in the freezer, I turned down the only dial there exists in my appliance - namely the temperature dial in my fridge. So now I have squishy ice cream and frozen solid skim milk.

But I did get fantastic news! Check out my icky gag-inducing tub:

From that perspective, it just looks like some elbow grease will solve my problem. Look closer:

That smudge on the right is a rust spot that has eroded the tub. The horror on the left is the drain. I do not know what is in and around the drain. Comet has not made a dent. Just to be safe, I burned the sponge I used to try to clean it.

I'll use my tub for showering -- steering far clear of the drain -- but work hard to ensure no water pools in the tub lest whatever festers in the drain collects on any of my flesh.

I had been told that all maintenance will do is clean the tub for me. At best, they may "patch" the rust spot. Frankly, I like the apartment enough overall that a toxic bathtub was going to be an acceptable albatross around my shoulders.

BUT today I was told that my tub is leaking water all over the bathroom in the apartment below mine! Yes! They are now going to replace the tub, because "any patch job will only delay the inevitable need for replacement" so they're just going to get it done now.

YAY! Of course, they said that they'll have to rip up the tiles and possibly come at the tub through my bedroom (which shares a wall with the bathroom) -- which means lots of maintenance guys taking over my apartment to make noise and a bloody awful mess that no doubt will require I sandblast the place upon their exit ... but after ALL THAT, I'll have a tub I can fill with cool water on hot summer nights, and hot water on cold winter nights, and it will all have been worth it!

Finally, I got the cutest birthday card from Janette. It's a pop up fish in a pop up bowl!

It looks even cuter in person. Thanks Janette!

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