Saturday, January 17, 2009


You've never seen a SnowDeb before?
(here's a better shot of the schnoz:)
While we're looking at cute random things, wanna see something cute and gross?
My parents went to Vancouver when I was maybe in grade eight and brought me back two things: a Smurfs 8-track tape and the above ladybug magnet. (The tape had surprisingly catch tunes, but alas is long gone.) Despite being only 2 cm long, this little bug has travelled with me through approximately nine moves. The gross part, though, is where I keep him. See his eyes? That's kitchen grease. No matter where I live, he's always sat on the fan hood over my stove. It's taken a toll on his visual acuity -- still, he's been such a trooper over the years, he can't wait to see what I'm having for dinner each night.
...thus ends the random portion of our day...

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