Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Serves me right...

This morning I washed my red bathrobe with my towels, some washcloths and a random assortment of socks ... and now all my laundry is pink.

And last night I was making popcorn in a hot air popper when a super-heated kernel jumped ship and lodged between my big toe and my second, uh, biggest toe. When frantic foot shaking proved fruitless, and before I could put down the dishes in my hand to dig it out, the kernel had actually burnt the skin between my toes -- and damn if the skin didn't blister by this morning. Because of a frickin popcorn kernel! I would have gone to the doctor today, but I refuse to be the reason why nurses titter in the hallways.

So the next time I have nothing of interest to report, I'm keeping my big trap shut.

(and yes, as mentioned by my anonymous commenter, a "freelance filmmaker" in Edmonton has been charged with killing a man, maybe or maybe not in order to fuel his own storytelling ability.


Frankly, if a guy has to kill someone in order to figure out how to write a movie about killing someone, he does not possess the requisite creativity or imagination to be known as "a filmmaker", and I reject any supposition that such a designation is appropriate to this [accused] sociopathic murderer. I am, however, particularly amused at how the immediate outrage over this crime was whether or not the guy got government funding for his films. Yeah, my immediate outrage would have focussed primarily on the fact that the guy [allegedly], with malice of forethought, lured someone to a brutal and gruesome death. But that's just my openly admitted skewed view.)

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