Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sorry - must have dozed off

I managed to get my CFC application off Tuesday afternoon. Which is good because it isn't due until May 14 (and should be there today) ... but is bad because I had planned to send it off May 1. As usual, I tragically underestimated the amount of time it would take to do something. Specifically, my "letter of intent". Which, I believe, is just a snooty way of saying "letter of kiss-ass".

"Tell us how you plan to utilize the program." Really? Do people really answer that question in any way other than "I plan to listen during the program and complete the assignments."? And if I were to answer it differently, would that get their attention enough to read the two scripts I took the time to write?

So I kissed ass. Like that's something that's new to me. In my day job with the provincial government it's known as "bs-ing" -- and is actually another of my life-long talents. I believe it is what my sister refered to when she'd shout "you're such a little liar!" when we were children. What can I say? You go with what you know. And I say if you can't prove it, it's not a lie.

Life is easier when you make up your own set of rules.

So now I sit, staring at my tv, kind of stunned. So much writing. So much creating. So much b.s. I'm kinda spent right now. And my apartment looks like Office Depot popped by for a visit and blew up in my front room. I have pencilled in cleaning up for Friday evening. Get a nice jump start on the weekend. And finish unpacking from my move.

Well, technically, if it is not in a box and it is on my floor, it is "unpacked". So I guess I have to finish "putting away" from my move.

Let's sit back and see if I do any of that this weekend...

(p.s. Did I tell you I have "inflammatory ulcers" on my eyeball? Not sure? Well I think you'd have remembered, so I guess I didn't. Why did I mention it now? Cuz it's gross man, and if I'm grossed out you need to be grossed out. Sheesh, use your head. I'd post a close up shot of what an eyeball with inflammatory ulcers looks like, but the antibiotics and steroids are actually doing their job and it wouldn't make you lose your lunch anymore, so why bother.)

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